Book Review - Secondhand Jesus

Secondhand Jesus by Glenn Packiam

Have you ever picked up a book, knowing nothing about the content or the author, but simply was just intrigued by the title and been completely blessed by it? That's exactly what my experience was with Secondhand Jesus by Glenn Packiam.
Glenn is a worship leader at New Life Church in Colorado, which has been in the news in the last couple years, regarding their former pastor. The subtitle to the book is "Trading rumors of God for a firsthand faith." Glenn talked, very transparently, about his pride issues as they became very real in the midst of the shocking scandal involving the former pastor. Instead of being bitter and furious, he became very aware of changes he needed to make in his life, spiritually. He said, "God was my Jerry Maguire, my ambassador of quan, and my prayers were spiritually cloaked versions of asking Him to 'show me the money.'"
The book challenges the reader to not accept, what he calls, "rumors" about God. In other words, he is challenging us to make our faith our own. Don't accept what people say. Study for yourself and see and listen to God personally. He said, "Rumors grow in the absence of revelation."
Throughout the book he references the story of the Ark of the Covenant and the effects of how people treated and how God responded.
He also talks about how "good behavior" is not the definer of our faith. He says, "When we judge 'sinners,' we point at their poor behavior, we do so from a seat of security, confidence, in our own good behavior." He then referenced the man's prayer in Luke 18:11, "God, I thank you that I am not like other men..."
One thing I teach to younger adults is that you cannot have your parent's, grandparent's, guardian's, churches, or your pastor's faith. You must have your own faith in God. This a great book that really drives that point home. Don't believe the rumors about God. Seek a revelation from Him.

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