Worship Confessional 07.12.09

It was great to have Eddy Mann serving with us today. Check out his blog and music. We backed him up on one of his song arrangements, "Doxology", during the offering. It's a beautiful revision of the classic hymn. Definitely check it.

Set List w/Itunes links:
Your Grace is Enough - Chris Tomlin
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) - Chris Tomlin
Freedom Reigns - Jason Upton
My Peace - mine

Doxology - Eddy Mann (offering song)

Also part of Sunday Setlist.


Brian Lusky said...

we did freedom reigns today too! I don't do it very often, but I like to pull it out every once and awhile.

MandoRon said...

Nice theme to everything.

Fred McKinnon said...

Awesome, always love having extra folks on board - I'll checkout Eddy's site, too ... see you in a week!


steff said...

Haven't used "Freedom Reigns" in a long time. I love to sing that one.