Songs for the Church

As a worship leader, one thing that I love is finding new songs for my church to sing and worship with. I personally feel that there's been a trend, lately, of writing for stadiums or mega-churches, which has strayed away from the timeless, simple, universal songs that serve the church. Even so, there are still a few that are writing for the local congregations. Here's a few that I would recognize that don't get alot of hype, but are still influencers, that I feel are giving the church songs to sing: (click the albums for itunes link)

Brenton Brown
This is a humble guy that writes solid, scriptural songs of worship. His latest album has several
new songs for the church.

Paul Baloche
He's one of the best at writing singable, simple, yet heart-tugging tunes that we can lift up to God with the church. Check out his latest compilation,
which has all his great songs.

Mark Roach

I've actually had conversations with Mark, and know his heart for writing songs for his local congregation. I do a couple of his songs at my church from his debut album.

I've seen all of these artists lead worship live, and I can see their heart for corporate worship and their desire to make it accessible. I just thought I'd give them a shout out and thank them for their contributions to the Church at large.

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