Belief in God and Firearms

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"...we're not ashamed to say that there was a strong belief in God and firearms — without that this country wouldn't be here." - Pastor Ken Pagano

Well, I'm not a big gun fan, but I do believe you should have the rights that the Constitution lays out. So......I guess you could look at this a couple of ways. They're celebrating their freedoms, and that's fine. They're promoting gun safety, and that's good, but is it appropriate for a church? I don't know. I would never do anything like this, but that's me. I hate guns. I might do an archery thing, but that would be a stretch for me. I would be afraid some moron would try to bring a loaded gun, which would be easy to do. Kinda scary to me.

What do you think?


David Regier said...

I knew a worship leader who was also an on-call sheriff. So he had to pack heat. I guess he didn't have a problem getting people to raise their hands in worship.

Anonymous said...

No pun intended (maybe) but this seems to be a "loaded" question.

In the article someone was quoted as saying that it would be unconscionable to bring a gun into a church. I disagree, and am mentally inventorying all of the church shootings over the decades of my life. Usually, these were commited by folks who had no regard for another's life, and probably much less regard for anyone's rules. Ironically, many times some of the victims/witnesses had the means & skills to protect themselves, but were abiding by laws & customs and watched their loved ones perish as a result of leaving a gun at home.

I subscribe to the belief that an armed society is a polite (and more law-abiding) society. If everyone has the means to protect themselves & their fellow citizen, fewer people will attempt to attack or harm others. I am NOT advocating breaking any laws to do so, only the proper exercise of one's rights.

Now there's a variety of debates that can rage as a result of this blog, & I apologize if I've opened a can of worms, but they include:
- "What about turning the other cheek?"
- "How come "David killed his thousands" instead of forgiving them?"
- "Shouldn't I just let God protect me instead of using any form of self-defense?"
- and the list goes on.

I'm not looking for everyone to agree with me, hopefully this may fire up the blog and allow folks to say their piece.

Matt W. said...

Someone could bring a loaded gun to Church now with nothing to impede them. Maybe it'd be better to have someone there who could shoot back without hitting innocent people?

Gary Durbin said...

Very true, Matt...now I'm scared. I'm probably the easist target on Sundays. I'm bringing my bow & arrow.

Matt W. said...

Maybe you should just get a Kevlar lining for the back of your Guitar... :o)