Worship Confessional 05.31.09

Set List w/Itunes links:
Blessed Assurance - HYMN
Break Through - Tommy Walker
Whole World in His Hands - Tim Hughes
You Never Let Go - Matt Redman

Also part of Sunday Setlist.


Anonymous said...

Way cool list. My son really, really, really would love for us to do Breakthrough. Maybe we will. Blessed Assurance...yes, what a great hymn.

Eddy Mann said...

I just went through that process two weeks ago.. trying to figure out what songs God wanted me to use. We'll be down in a few weeks, we're coming down early and spending July this year. Looking forward to worshiping with you again.

Laudio said...

"Break Through" -- cool! I'd forgotten that I'd wanted to introduce that song. Thanks!

Love the focus of your setlist. (Of course it's "God," but I love the specific focus.)

Anonymous said...

Love Tommy Walker. We need to Breakthrough! We are doing his version of To God Be The Glory this coming weekend! Love the flow of your songs too! Blessings...