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Word Wednesday is posted every Wednesday. Each week I post a scripture that I've read that week that has spoken to me in a fresh way. I believe that if we read God's Word every day, He will give us at least one scripture every week that will impact us. Sharing Scripture with each other is like iron sharpening iron. Leave a comment and share a scripture that has impacted you this week.

Here's the scripture that stuck this week:

Romans 8:8 ESV

"Those who are in the flesh cannot please God."

Live by the Spirit...that's the main message of this section Romans 8. I've had a Christian tell me one time that to say that we should be led by the Spirit is a cop-out. It made me question how often he was actually Spirit-led in his life, because when God speaks to you, you remember. It's very clear that if God is not in it, we're in trouble. We have to discipline ourselves to set our mind on the Spirit, and not the flesh.

What's your Word?

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Luke Mundy said...


Thanks for the reminder Gary! I don't know how something as challenging as discerning and obeying the Spirit's leading can be a "cop-out"!!!