Worship Confessional 04.12.09

Set list w/Itunes links:
Mighty to Save - Hillsong
Happy Day - Tim Hughes
Jesus Paid it All - Passion
Mystery - Charlie Hall
Glorious Day - Todd Agnew

Also part of Sunday Setlist.


Me... said...

Great set.
It sounded like it would be phenomenal

Russ Hutto said...

I've seen a lot of Happy Day on people's list, but am ashamed to say I've never heard it...well, I might have heard it on the radio in the office, but I've not really LISTENED to it.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Day and Mighty To Save are showing up a fair bit.

Our church certainly loved that they were in there for us.


steff said...

Happy Day is a fun song for Easter service. Love Jesus Paid it all.

Anonymous said...

Oo...so far this is one of my favorite-ist sets for Easter! Great stuff!
Yeah, I'm checking out what got played, Happy Day and Mighty to Save are up there.

Reveal Worship said...

Glorious Day...Love that song.