Worship Confessional 01.11.09

I got the morning off! It doesn't happen too often, and I really, really enjoyed just being in the crowd worshiping today. I actually hid in the balcony out of sight of most of the crowd. It was awesome just to be out of sight for once.

Set List w/itunes links:
Hosanna - Hillsong
Here I Am to Worship - Tim Hughes
Center - Charlie Hall
The Heart of Worship - Matt Redman

This also a contribution to Sunday Setlists.


Louise Knight said...

Glad you got a chance to just worship. It's so important.

I liked the quiet tone of the last three in the set. I think I'm going to head in that direction this coming week. I may use one or two of those.

Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

Great mixture of songs. Hey Gary I say you over on cclitv.com doing some worship songs. Great stuff! You are every where aren't you?

David said...

It's so great (and important) to be able to worship with the people from time to time. And such great songs too Gary. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

"Hosanna" Great song!
Glad you enjoyed your weekend off.

Unknown said...

Here I Am to Worship, and Heart of Worship? Sounds like a great set.

Me... said...

I LOVE the song "Hosanna" such a great song- good set list.