Worship Confessional 01.04.09

Set List w/Itunes links:
Holy - Brenton Brown
Holy, Holy, Holy - Hymn
O Praise Him - DCB
Everything - Tim Hughes

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlists.


Louise Knight said...

Perfect. That's just a perfect combination. I love the way that you think.

Unknown said...

Great setlist! We'll I live in Orlando,Fl and the Mexican food is alright. Were did you eat exactly? When I lived in Milwaukee, WI believe it or not the Mexican food there was amazing.

Steff said...

I really like your Holy theme.

Mexican in southeastern Oklahoma basically taste like a tv dinner lol:)

I'm originally from Arizona Mexican food there is pretty authentic. Yum!

Oklahomans are best at cooking fried chicken biscuits and gravy.

Anonymous said...

Great setlist!

I live in Alabama and the mexican food is pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Very nice setlist, Gary. Nice flow! I live in Bakersfield, CA and it's hard to find BAD Mexican food. LOL!

Blessings, brother!

Wayne Thomas