LOST Theories

LOST is, in my opinion, the greatest show on television, and last night they threw us another bone in our journey to answering some questions. So...

What's your big end theory about LOST?


Bill Stanley said...

I'm not really good at expressing my theories about Lost mainly becuase of my A.D.D. There is so much going on to explain.

I feel as if we are still going to see many links toward the characters and time travel. Whidmore being on the island in the 50's is a huge deal and somehow you are going to see him pull away from the others and somehow plotted to get this island back. I still don't think the plane crash was an accident. We will see.

I don't know, see I'm rambling on! LOL

One thing we agree on is, it is the greatest show on TV! PERIOD!

Crystal G said...

My theory is:

That the creators of Lost have used different metaphor's. Biblical, Greek and Roman.

There is no method to the madness.

Matt W. said...

I have a few ideas, but I'm not going to tell you. I honestly think that some people put way too much thought into what is going on with LOST, I just want to enjoy it and see how close to the mark I am. If I'm totally wrong, that doesn't bother me, I'm still going to enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

I just enjoy the show...there is no sense in trying to figure it out, i like the suspense!