Drug of Choice

I rarely get sick. I got real sick during Christmas, and yesterday I started to feel the very slight symptoms of a cold coming on. Not good, because we have Night of Worship this Sunday night, so I took some Sudafed and my ultimate remedy....Nyquil. Nyquil just works for me. It knocks me out, and I usually wake up feeling better or at the very least, not any worse.

What's your drug of choice when you get the sniffles?


Ben said...

I don't do medicine, I don't know, I just can't stand it. I take some vitamin C and drink some green tea with honey, and that's usually all I do for a cold.

Matt W. said...

I try to avoid medicine when I can. If I'm just a little sick but mostly need to sleep I'll use Nyquil (I love how it says on the bottle "may cause drowsiness" when it should say "will knock you out cold" but at least they are nice enough to give you a little plastic bottle so that if you forget that you need to be sitting on the edge of the bed when you take it, at least when you wake up, hours later on the kitchen floor you won't be surrounded by broken glass), but if I'm really sick I normally use Thera-flu, it'll make me sleep pretty good, I'll sweat like crazy, and end up feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Alka Seltzer Cold medicine works well for me.