Celtics Win!

What's your favorite sports team?


Crystal G said...

Gators. It's been a good couple of years.

Jags. It has not been a good couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Steelers... they will rock this Sunday (i hope!!!)...

Penguins on the ice...
Red Sox on the field...
Celtics on the court...
Liverpool ("You'll never walk alone") in soocer
The Waratahs in Rugby!

Should I go on!!!???

Bill Stanley said...

I'd have to say GATORS all the way. I'm not a big pro guy as far as favs mainly due to the enormous ego's and salaries these guys desire. Takes the fun away.

But if you made me choose the pro teams I'd say:

America Football - Bears
Baseball - Marlins
Hoops - Magic (Celtics before there were a home team in Central FL)
Soccer - Manchester United (LOL! - Just kidding I hate soccer! LOL)

Bowling - Dick Franklin
Golf - Tiger Woods.
Mini Golf - Dolph Lundgren

Lawn darts - Toledo Lawn Sharks
Bocche Ball - Memphis Ballers

That's it for now!

Bill Stanley said...

Truthfully anyone who plays the YANKS or SOX!