Big Songs

The last few years, I've really defined, for myself, what I look for in worship songs for our church. They've got to be theologically correct, simple and God-led. Some big songs that I introduced for our church in '08, were:


Glorious Day

God of Justice

Everything Glorious

Jesus Messiah
Beautiful Scene

Our God Saves
If I Have Not Love

If you're a worship leader, what are some big songs you introduced in '08?

If you are a church attender, what are your favorite worship songs to sing in church?


Grace said...

I'm an attender... and just a short list here...

Open The Eyes of My Heart - Paul Baloche
Gratitiude - Gary Durbin
Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman
All The Praise - Gary Durbin

Anonymous said...

Everything Glorious
Marvelous Light
How Great is Our God

I love songs that just cry out to God; songs that evoke emotion. I love telling God how awesome He is.

Me... said...

As a leader- some big songs I introduced to our congregation are:

*Desert Song
Hosanna (in the Highest)
Moving Forward
I Have Found (Kim Walker)
*How He Loves (Jon McMillan
*Open Up the Sky (Jonathan Stockstill)

*those have made a HUGE impact on our worship. Insane impact.

Me... said...

as a leader- some of the biggest songs introduced this year:

Hosanna (in the Highest)
*Desert Song
*How He Loves
Moving Forward
Worth It All
All I need (Rita Springer)
I have Found (Rita Springer)
*Open Up the Sky (Jonathan Stockstill)

*These have made a HUGE impact on our worship. and in my life as a worshipper.
great stuff.

Matt W. said...

I am kinda partial to Glorious Day... but I guess you knew that...

Anonymous said...

Mighty To Save and Beautiful Jesus were both pretty big songs for us. We've introduced others, but those two in particular seemed to stick.

Matt MacDonald said...

Beautiful Jesus - Kristian Stanfill

Son of God - Starfield

O The Love of My Redeemer - Josh Caterer

Adoration - Brenton Brown

Your Love is Strong - Jon Foreman