Worship Confessional 12.28.08

Communion service today. "You Gave Your Life Away" was a great moment during communion. Great song.

Set List with itunes links:
Hosanna (Praise is Rising) - Brenton Brown
Our God Saves - Paul Baloche
You Gave Your Life Away - Paul Baloche
My Savior's Love (I Stand Amazed) - hymn
Happy Day - Tim Hughes

Here's my song "Jesus Christ". Let me know what you think.

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlists.


Perky Gramma Teaches said...

That was a really nice song. I really enjoyed it...
A lot.

Unknown said...

Great setlist! love the video!

Steff said...

Loved your song! It was beautiful.

"You gave Your life away" is a great song for our church as well. Paul Baloche does a great job of writing powerful songs that are very easy for the congregation to sing along with. This song is a perfect example of that.

Anonymous said...

Christ honoring, God glorifying, Good song-Thanks for sharing!

-Billy said...

i love the new song i hope its going to ccli, and the guest aperients from pastor was great. he brought so much to the video there was a lot of heart in that Hi.

Miles said...

loved the song! I can totally hear a refrain at the end after the key change to A and after the phrase "I boldly claim..." with A,D,F#m,E....that's just me, though. :) great job!