Worship Confessional 12.14.08

We did a cool version of "Joy to the World" today, and "Here I Am to Worship" was definitely the key moment.

Set List w/itunes links:
Joy to the World - Christmas tune
Joy - Tree63
If I Have Not Love - Matt Redman
Here I Am to Worship - Tim Hughes

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlists.


Anonymous said...

dude.....you look like another worship leader.....um.....oh yeah! this guy:


Jim Drake said...


We did JOY TO THE WORLD (Casting Crowns) today. It was awesome. Only thing I didn't have was a fiddle player--but I'm working on it.


Anonymous said...

Here I Am to Worship. Great song.

Louise Knight said...

Here I am to worship is such a great closer. There's such a humble spirit behind that song. It's unavoidable.

Unknown said...

Great setlist Gary!

Matt said...

hey gary! thanks for your comments! i agree, "Jesus Messiah" is an amazing song...i have to be honest, it took me a long time to embrace the song, but once i did, it was transformation for me personally.

Steff said...

Nice Set! I'm seeing a lot of Tree63, i'm going to check out their songs.