Word Wednesday .::26

Word Wednesday is posted every Wednesday. Each week I post a scripture that I've read that week that has spoken to me in a fresh way. I believe that if we read God's Word every day, He will give us at least one scripture every week that will impact us. Sharing Scripture with each other is like iron sharpening iron. Leave a comment and share a scripture that has impacted you this week.

Here's the scripture that stuck this week:

Hosea 6:1, 6 ESV

1 "Come, let us return to the Lord;
for he has torn us, that he may heal us;
he has struck us down, and he will bind us up."

6 "
For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice,
the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings."

We cannot impress God, but we can please Him. As a worship leader, I am constantly battling the performance bug. I have to check my motives and pride all the time. No matter how great our band sounds or how well our service looks, the hearts of God's people is the only thing that will please Him. As we please Him, the more His kingdom will grow. Sacrifice is good and offerings are necessary, but through it all God wants our hearts.

What's your Word?

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