Post Christmas Post

This has been a great Christmas, but it's also been a crazy Christmas.

Here's a quick breakdown:

-Sunday night-
we arrive in Savannah, after a 5 hour drive.

we wake up @ 4am to Jade trying to breathe and coughing. I had a little pressure in my head. It seemed that we might have a handle on Jade's sickness, though. I went to bed around midnight shivering and teeth chattering. I'm hardly ever cold. I went to bed with 3 blankets and a sweatshirt. I woke up around 3am drenched and hot. I broke some kind of fever, evidently.

-Tuesday morning-
Jade wakes up coughing real bad, and I woke up feeling really sick. Jennifer and my dad took Jade to a doctor, and found out she had a double-ear infection. They gave her an antibiotic shot, and she started feeling better. I ended up in bed the entire day. I got a lot of work done, but I hated staying in all day. I also think it was God's way of making me catch up on some much needed rest.

-Wednesday- I woke up feeling much better, and Jade as well. I actually went out and got some lunch at Spanky's and my brother and I went out to do our "birthday tradition". We actually documented it, so I've got a video coming soon on that one. We got home and then Josh was crying and saying his ear hurt. That was scary, but thankfully, his ear stopped hurting and he's been fine since. We opened gifts that night with my family and all was great.

We had a great morning with my family and we headed off to Jacksonville with Jennifer's family for Christmas with them.

It was crazy, but we all made it out alive. Today we're just chillin'.

Where did you spend Christmas this year, and do you have any entertaining stories for us?

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