Movie Monday VIII

This is a post that you can participate in on every Monday. I'm a big fan of the cinema, so I decided to break up the Monday blues by talking about movies.

Last week was Christmas, so there's some traditions out there as far as movies. There's a bunch of great Christmas movies, so let's talk about it.

What's your traditional Christmas movie that you just have to watch every year?

I would have to say a tie between Christmas Vacation & A Christmas Story. Both movies are hilarious with quotable lines that just won't go away.

your turn...


Bekah Jo said...

Not a movie, but a Christmas special...my new fav is definitely Shrek the Halls.

Bill Stanley said...

Dude, Christmas vacation hands down, because we call all relate to "Cousin Randy" and the fam coming to town.

Bekah Jo, don't forget the all time classic - The Grinch!

Anonymous said...

i would have to say Christmas Vacation. it's fantastic. no other movie like it. others have tried to do what they did, but they failed miserably. definitely Christmas Vacation.

Crystal G said...

I'm going to have to say Christmas Vacation. Hands down. I watched it 2 times this year.