I'm on a Chick Flick Site

Somebody came to my blog from a chick flick site. How ironic is that? The site picked up my post about the movie "Fireproof", where I called it a Christian chick flick. I do not care for the chick flicks that much.

What's your feelings on the phenomenon that is called the Chick Flick?


-Billy said...

Dude that is so gangster. You get the best traffic. One day you will see I will be a cool blogger like Gary and every one will want to read my blog. But as for the question at hand I like chick flicks. The notebook is one of my fav movies. I know that’s kind of gay but that’s why I have a bread so I look manly, but im really soft like a teddy bear.

Anonymous said...

I give you my definitions of guy flick and chick flick.
Chick flick - one person dies really slow.
Guy flick - lots of people die really fast.

Crystal G said...

Paul hit the nail on the head. lol.

I don't really think there are chick or guy flicks. There are just movies that tell either one or the other type of story.

I mean I'm a chick and I bought all the Die Hard's. =)

Gary Durbin said...

O Crystal, Crystal. Do not deny the chick flick. It's real, it's alive, and it must be stopped.

Matt W. said...

Sorry Gary, I'm on Crystal's side of this one. I don't really see movies as "Chick Flicks" or otherwise. Some movies that many people call Chick flicks, I don't see that way. I just think there are lots of movies, some are great, and some are lousy, across all movie types.

And Billy, the Notebook was an awesome movie, nothing gay about that.