Christmas Decor

The Durbin house is very festive this year. After getting called out at church, we sprang into action lit up the house. This year, I even took the Christmas spirit outside.

Here's some pics:

How did you decorate this year?


Crystal G said...

"Eye of the Tiger" - Rocky

No question.

Wow man *shakes head*

I think I blogged about my decor earlier in the month.
As for you Pastor I remember others begging you to put stuff up sooner. =)

Bekah Jo said...

The picture of the icicle lights does no justice to it fullness. Video may help capture the likeness they have with some disco club!

...by the way my word verification below is "purcent"

My definition is: the portion (percentage) of a whole that is right or holy (pure)

Purcent can be most commonly used to weigh our sin and good works. Wow! What a theory! :)