Worship Confessional 11.30.08

Christmas music has begun! Kind of. I don't go crazy in the set lists with Christmas tunes until the Sunday before Christmas, but I sprinkle them up to that point in December. Sorry about the audio sync on the video. I think I know the problem. Should be better next time.

Set List w/Itunes links:
O Come Let Us Adore Him

Beautiful Scene - mine
Jesus Messiah - Chris Tomlin

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlists.


Jim Drake said...

Us too on the Carols--we'll do a couple each week ang get heavier toward Christmas.

Jesus Messiah--i'll have to think about sneaking that one in there.

Anonymous said...

Same here with the Christmas stuff...
Great set, love "Jesus Messiah". Have a great week!

Michael J Mahoney said...

We haven't started Christmas songs yet, but should be soon. 'tis the season!

Steff said...

"O come let us adore" is one of my favorite Christmas songs because you feel like you can actually worship to it. Only problem is most of my musicians usually complain that its to hard to play. Do you know of a simplified chord chart for it? All we have is a hymnal version.

-Billy said...

So I couldn’t help but notice that clicking sound on the video. I want to play a game, is it your wipers?