Worship Confessional 11.16.08

We taught a new song to our crowd, "Our God Saves", and it caught quick. I'm excited to see this one take off.

Here was the set list with Itunes links:

Not to Us - Chris Tomlin
Our God Saves - Paul Baloche
The Least I Can Do - Mark Roach
Shine - Matt Redman

Also a contribution to Sunday Setlist.


Unknown said...

Our God Saves is a huge crowd fav. here. We did it this Sunday.

Jim Drake said...


How were you driving and filming at the same time?

Our God Saves is a Favorite! I haven't done the Mark Roach song yet... it's on my list.

Fit2praise said...

We do that one too. It goes really good if your electric player can get that dotted eighth note delay in the beginning of the song.

Anonymous said...

great opener!!!

Steff said...

Great set! I love "The least I can do". Our God Saves is also a favorite of ours.

Unknown said...

Great worship set. Love the confessional. Very neat. I see you are a multi tasker. Driving and doing a worship confessional at the same time. You Rock Gary! Our God saves sounds really good and I think it would be a great song to bring to my church in the future.

Matt W. said...

I told you doing this while driving was going to be a huge topic... people will never let you off the hook about it!