Worship Confessional 11.09.08

Greetings. We had a busy day, so no time for a video. After church, our staff went on an all-afternoon fun day at a go-cart place. Fun stuff, but we were exhausted last night.
This week I led from the piano, because our pianist wasn't able to come. I rarely get on the piano anymore, because my pianist is incredibly good, so I'd rather have her play whenever she's there. I had fun leading from there, and I think it mixed up a bit, which is good.

Here was the set list with itunes links:
Holy - Brenton Brown
You are a Holy God - Vineyard
May Your Kingdom Come - mine
Shine - Matt Redman

"You are a Holy God" is one of those songs that has never left the rotation. To me, it's just an amazing song to worship with and lead. It's one of the first one's I did when I started 6.5 years ago. "May Your Kingdom Come" is one of my new songs (unrecorded) that has become a great teaching song, as we are pushing our church to compassion for the homeless and just to show love to everyone that God puts in their path. Since I didn't do a video confessional, I put some clips of our set together. Here you go:

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlist.

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Bill Stanley said...

Who knew Gary could rock the ivory as well. Good job man, can't wait to visit and see you in person. Tell your pastor you want me to speak one Sunday. LOL!