What's your Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Thanksgiving, for us, is staying at one of our parents house. I usually end up sleeping on a couch, which is not a problem. I can sleep on anything, anywhere. Before we eat the big dinner, we sleep in and watch the parade. After dinner, we chill for a while, and either watch a movie at home, or go to the theater. The girls usually go attack the chaos of the Friday sales while I sleep in and go hang out with friends or family. I don't do the shopping thing, especially amongst a billion people scrambling for a printer marked down $20. Not my deal. Anyways, that's our Thanksgiving.

What's your Thanksgiving look like?


-Billy said...

almost the same. and the O'Steen men can sleep on anything as well its a gift and a curse

Anonymous said...

My Thanksgiving is just spending time with family and having a good time. And yes I brave the Friday chaos!!!

Crystal G said...

Since this was the first year as a wife it was different than normal. We got up, made breakfast and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. Then to my in laws and then to my parents house.

It went pretty well.