Movie Monday III

This is a post that you can participate in on every Monday. I'm a big fan of the cinema, so I decided to break up the Monday blues by talking about movies.

Just for laughs, let's talk about comedies. What is your all-time 3 favorite comedies in cinema?

Here's mine:
1. Young Frankenstein
2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
3. Office Space (watch the TV version, lotta language)

your turn...


Anonymous said...

I would have to go with (in no particular order):
The Princess Bride
Holy Grail
Muppets From Space

Anonymous said...

Hope for your generation--you like Young Frankenstein! Have you seen the original 'The Producers', with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder? I just got a 50" plasma TV - you should come over. Where do you live again?

Matt MacDonald said...

1) Tommy Boy

2) Anchorman (T.V version works best)

3) Conehead

Bill Stanley said...

I must agree with Matt with Tommy Boy.

1. Tommy Boy
2. What About Bob
3. Mystery Men

Who could ever forget the old school comedies like Airplane, Naked Gun and Hot Shots. They are way funnier than their modern counter parts like Epic Movie and all that.