It's all about the idea. You can have great graphics, big actors, and a huge budget, but if there's no idea, you have nothing. Microsoft tried, but I think this little, simple, yet great idea trumped their latest marketing attempt. What do you think?


Matt W. said...

On this one I think that you are totally, 100%, absolutely WRONG! All of the "Hi, I'm a Mac" commercials up to this point were great. And Microsoft didn't answer for a long time. Why might that be? They were busy fixing Vista! They poured tons of work in to Vista, and Service Pack 1 of Vista works great. I personally love it. Only after the release of SP1 did Microsoft come out with a fantastic ad campaign that, while it did nothing to diminish the Mac ads, was a very effective answer, and signaled that they were still around, and basically cast Mac as elitist, and said that Windows is for the common man.

Keep in mind, they did this AFTER fixing Vista, or at least a majority of the problems that Vista had initially. This ad makes it out as if Vista SP1 doesn't exist, and that Vista is today as it was on it's initial release date. It's totally dishonest, and I was offended by it the first time I saw it, and I still think it was a horrible miscue on the part of the Mac people. They had a good run with their ad campaign, but instead of lying to us, and thinking that we are too stupid to know that they are lying, they should start focusing on the area's where Mac is superior to Windows based PC's.

Sorry, but, as great as the ads were prior to this one, they really fell flat on their faces with this one.

(Can you tell it annoyed me?)

Gary Durbin said...

umm...I sense a smidge of annoyance.

Forgive my ignorance. I'm just always impressed with the marketing that's simple and briliiant, as opposed to the big production stuff. My main point was that great ideas are way more vital than quality productions. I guess truth should be a given, but money is a lot of people's god. Thanks for the heads up.

Curtis Honeycutt said...

Thanks for the shout out on Just Wallpaper. You're right, icon clutter is the worst! And, I'm with you, if a marketing campaign is all flash and bang with no substance, it's empty and lame.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Microsoft has not been willing to deal with the REAL problem. It is not advertising that they are battling, it is perception, quality of product, and a lack of innovation.

Bradley said...

I like the "I'm a Mac" ads. Microsoft tried an ad campaign with Jerry and Bill and the results were bad. Their new commercials are not good either, they tried to copy the Mac ads by having people say "I'm a PC" twenty times.

This ad shows exactly what Microsoft is about. They poured $300 million into a failed ad campaign to fight back against the Mac ads. By the way, they have all but abandoned Vista. They have moved on to Windows 7 development too. And if it says anything about what Microsoft thinks of Vista itself, the new stickers that are on all of the Windows based computers are rumored to read... "Designed for Windows XP, Compatible with Windows Vista" Microsoft itself admits Vista failed. They even offer downgrades to XP for their business customers; for free.

Bill Stanley said...

Matt how really do you feel? LOL
Just kidding, I totally see what you're saying.

The bottom line for me is simple, I CAN'T AFFORD A MAC!

Does anybody remember the, "Dude! You got a Dell" commercials. That was catchy. Maybe Microsoft should hire Dell people to help them? What ever happened to that kid.

Matt W. said...

I may have missed the forest of the trees. I agree with your premise, a good idea trumps all the glitter and flash (but both is better still) but obviously I don't find this commercial to be a good example.

I'm with you there, I went with Dell over Mac because of the massive price difference also. I would have loved a Mac, but honestly, I love my Dell too.

Crystal G said...

I'm gonna go with Apple casting themselves as elitist. I've worked in tech support and the Apple people are the worst. I personally love PC's. While Apple does have some finer points I'm not in any line of work where those finer points matter to me.
I've never had a problem with mine or with the Vista on my husband's laptop. I also use Linux on my laptop and don't have a problem with it either. I like the work horse that is PC.

So in summation I don't strive to own an Apple computer, if given as a gift I'd use it but I'm not saving to own one anytime soon.