Happy 90th, Billy

What can you say about Billy Graham? Is he perfect? No, but what an amazing man of God, and what an impact he has had for the Kingdom of God. My Grandfather, who died long before I was alive, was saved one night watching a crusade on TV. I stumbled onto these videos as I was researching for this post. Its from the late 60's. It's Woody Allen interviewing Billy Graham. Even in such a conservative time of the church, he was able to relate to the culture without compromising. Definitely a great example of salt & light without condemnation during a turbulent time. Very interesting clips:

What words come to mind when you think of Billy Graham?

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Matt W. said...

Sometimes you hear people disparaging Billy Graham for one reason or another, and I always find myself defending him, not that he was perfect, as you said, but primarily because my Dad was saved at a Billy Graham crusade event. So I have seen firsthand the impact of his life and ministry. No, he isn't perfect, but he has been mightily used of God, what more could any of us ask?