Wal-Mart, no less

There was a man trampled and killed by a bunch of freaks at Wal-Mart, no less. I personally don't get excited about the idea of going to Wal-Mart, but it's necessary sometimes. The Durbins are Target people, so I can't imagine wanting to get into Wal-Mart so bad that I would push against the doors and trample over human beings so I could shop in this store and save a few bucks on a Blu-Ray DVD player, but that's exactly what happened in New York.

Wal-Mart greeters are probably going to have to start packing a weapon, especially during the holidays.


Crystal G said...

I don't know what got into people. They riped the doors off the hinges. There is no product on earth that would make me act like that.

I used to door greet at Walmart. Our store wouldn't lock the doors. They would just pull the items out on a pallet wrapped with paper so no one would know what the items were. Then at eight we cut the paper and ran.

Matt W. said...

Once having worked at a Target on Black Friday (in toys no less) I can tell you, it's no better there.

It's not about the store, it's about the nutty way people behave when they think there is a great deal to be had, and especially on black friday. Even here, just down at the West Melb Walmart I have seen people do some crazy things, and some of the employees there have been assaulted by out of control shoppers.

Did you see that out in Calif (I think it was) where two guys in a Toys'r'us shot and killed each other yesterday? They said it may have been gang related instead of shopping related, but still, in a store full of shoppers, including small children... what a crazy world...

one word I think says it all.... nallary... ok, so that's just my verification word, but it sounds like it could apply to this, right?