Book Review - SOUL CRAVINGS - not for me

Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus

I would definitely say that this book was not for me. Not because I didn't like it, but because it really wasn't written for me. This book was written for those who are searching for something more than just mere existence. Every human being has something inside of them that's longing for something more. Erwin McManus, in this book title, describes this as a "Soul Craving". At the end of the book, he says, "Even as you read this, there's a voice coming, not from your head, but from your gut, screaming that you are more than water and disposable material." The book is comprised of 3 main sections: Intimacy, Destiny, and Meaning. At the beginning of the book, he poses the question, why love? If our bodies, scientifically, should be able to function without emotion, then why do we have this need for love?
McManus draws people to Jesus by relating to where they are now, and showing them that Christianity isn't just for people who are against everything, but for those who want to contribute, dream, and create in a dark world.
I would highly recommend this to someone who is analytical, and likes to read, and also wondering about a life with God, and is still searching. As a Christian, you have to go into it realizing that this is mainly an evangelism tool, and I'm glad I read it for that reason.

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