Worship Confessional 10.19.08

Today was all about God's sufficiency and trusting that He is enough.

Here was the set list with Itunes links:

"Everything Glorious" - David Crowder Band
"My Peace" - mine
"Enough" - Chris Tomlin
"Healer" - Hillsong

This also a contribution to Sunday Setlist.


Anonymous said...

Glad you linked to your song, "My Peace." I'll be checking that out!

Ben said...

Sweet!!! Thanks for linking to your tune! Love it!

I've always been fond of "Enough". One of my faves to play and sing. Great set...looks perfect for the message.


Anonymous said...

good tunes!!! i like everything glorious...trying to find the right time to add that one to our list of tunes in the source...

thanks for stopping by!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff, "Enough" is one of my favs. I also love to see music being written by the local church.

Jake Gehret said...

love "everything glorious"