Worship Confessional 10.12.08

Hello all. I actually had my vocalists lead 2 of the songs of our set today. This is an exciting step for us, and something I would like to see more of. It's taken a while to put the core team together, but we now have the right people using their gifts, so I'm thrilled to step in the background more and more.

Set List with Itunes links:

"Blessed Be Your Name" - Matt Redman
"Desert Song" - Hillsong
"Breathe" - Marie Barnett
"You Never Let Go" - Matt Redman

This also a contribution to Sunday Setlist.


HL McConnell said...

Great to see you doing "Desert Song". That's a favorite at our church. Also my band's favorite song. This morning when my bass player and guitar player arrived they told me they had made a list of their top 5 songs for worship for the service this morning. Song 1 was Desert Song. Song 2 was Desert Song....and on. It was pretty funny. My band guys love that song. :)

Sunny Cain said...

Sweet! The Desert Song. I have been wanting to introduce that one at our church. How does your congregation respond to that one? Do they seem to sing along?

Anonymous said...

hey man,
Everybody I know loves "Desert Song", but for whatever reason, I'm just not feeling it. I don't know why it's not impacting me like everyone else!

Thanks for being in Sunday Setlists, as always!

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Anonymous said...

yeah im with sunny...wondering how your congregation responded to that song?

Gary Durbin said...

Sunny and Tyler,
"Desert Song" seemed to be well received. I never expect the crowd to belt out a new song, especially when I have a fresh face leading it, but there was great reaction to it as we ended it. We'll pull it out in a week or two again.

Anonymous said...

wow... "Desert Song" is a conversation sparker!!! I'm with Fred on this one... though our band wouldn't agree with me!

Either way, great set mate, and it's good you're leading your team to step up. It's always a difficult thing.

Michelle Weger said...

Hey Gary! Thanks for stopping by- great set as well! Sounds like you're holding the fort down on the space coast. I too have just begun unleashing my vocalists. It is an exciting time!