Worship Confessional 10.05.08

Another great week at Bethany. Our attendance seemed to be up quite a bit. We're definitely seeing new faces. Our series on Psalm 23 is going great. Very timely.

Here was the set list with Itunes links:

"O Praise Him" - DCB
"Creation Praise" - mine
"There is None Like You"
- Lenny Leblanc
"Restore to Me" - Mac Powell

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlist.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,
Ah, another worship confessional while driving nut .. I've done that, luckily we've both survived!

Do you have your songs online somewhere, such as Creation Praise?

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Anonymous said...

Cool visual with the sand. The scripture text that I used was Genesis 22, but I couldn't find anyone willing to lay under a raise knife. :)