Last night, I finally signed-up on Twitter. I'm a sponge for social media this year. I'd love to go all out and connect my cell phone to this, but I just can't bring myself to pay unlimited texting yet. If you have a twitter, click my link to the left to connect with me on there.

Social media is becoming a big part of our world, and has become a huge avenue for communication and even cultivating friendships. I have been talking to people for the last couple years, primarily through my blog, myspace, and facebook. Our church now has a myspace and facebook page, and both have been helpful. I've got friends who are still leery of the social media take-over, and some that are cool with it.

What's your take on social media?

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Matt W. said...

I think this stuff can be good, obviously I have my blog, and have, at long last, grudgingly gone on to myspace, but I think we have to be careful, it can easily get to be too much. (Honestly, I don't even know what "Twitter" is... and that's somehow comforting...)

I think that we need to remember to let our real life have priority over the online social world. If we lose that, what do we have left?