"It is in the worst situations that we are able to discover the best in us. It is also in these moments that we are able to see most clearly what is true and what is real and what it means most fully to be human."

-Erwin McManus
Soul Cravings

How does that strike you?

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Matt W. said...

Hey, finally a quote I'm not going to argue with!

Seriously though, I think that's really true, or, at least it can be. When all else is stripped away we can learn what is truly important. When face death, terrible loss, or seemingly insurmountable trials, we realize that a lot of what we focus our time and attention on really matters little to us. For the Christian, this is usually a time of growth and drawing closer to God. Sadly though, for some, it's a time when they reject God, and don't ever recover from this.

Wow, for such a little quote, it can really make you think.