These posts on songwriting are not written from a professional point of view. These are just my thoughts as I experience new aspects of the craft. The best part of these posts will be your input.

My favorite songs to write are congregational worship tunes. Writing songs for the church is something I am called by God to do. We're living in a time when writing worship songs is a very popular thing to do. With the huge success of the Passion movement alone, writing songs for the church has gone to a whole new level. Songwriters are coming out of the wood work with their latest modern worship song. The danger of all the success and any success is always pride. Motivation is a huge factor when it comes to this. I've felt the danger of pride as I've written songs. For a season, my motivation was centered around getting my songs heard and possibly getting signed. For me, that was a result of receiving a little recognition, and that recognition made my dream a possibility. One day, I read an article in Worship Leader Magazine by Matt Redman, which challenged me to rediscover the joy of simply writing for my local congregation and nothing more. It was then that I remembered the first time I saw our church worship with one of my songs. That was my motivation, and that article inspired me to regain that motivation and lose my pride. I still dream of seeing one of my songs go into churches all over and having a big impact, but the difference is that it is not my goal. It's fine to dream for those things, but our goals have to be on target. Writing songs for our local congregations is such an amazing thing for our church and for us. What a beautiful offering of our gifts, to simply serve the local flock that God is using us to minister to. I have a feeling that there may be too many talented worship leaders and songwriters who are thinking about record labels and radio as they write worship songs. My prayer for my songs is that they impact and minister to the crowd that God has put in front of me. If it goes beyond our church walls, then let that be God's will, and I'll give him all the praise for it. As I watch my local congregation connect to God through these words and melodies that I wrote, let that be my reward, and nothing else.

I just wrote a new song last week that captures that motivation, and I've gotten some good feedback on it. It's called "Offering to You".

Click here to listen.

Let me know what you think.


Ivy said...
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Ivy said...

Dude, great lyrics, I have been thinking about the things we do and why we do them. Praise....

good stuff

Anonymous said...

I dig it Gary. Keep writing. Keep writing. You are not perfect. Just, keep writing.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Thanks for the encouraging post!