Iron Man

We finally rented and watched Iron Man last night. It's one of the best comic book movies since X-Men. A lot of cool effects and action. I really liked the story line. The fact that he made the weapons for us that ended up in enemy hands. Makes you wonder how much that actually happens. The story of Tony Stark was also very similar to Alfred Nobel, who created weapons before changing his legacy to that of peace. I think the main message of the movie was "Don't Waste Your Life", which was a key line in the whole change of mind of the main character. Oh, and Robert Downey Jr. has to be one of the best, if not best actors of his generation. I'm glad to see him getting a second wind in his career. Great movie!


Matt W. said...

The weapons thing? Some, but less than you think really, terrorists and such aren't going to pay black market prices for things that they can get from Iran and China for free.

Matt W. said...

Oh yeah, it was a great movie!

Crystal G said...

Yeah we loved that movie. Went and got the 2 disc set the day it came out.

Bill Stanley said...

I actually think it is a better movie than the Dark Knight. I have received lots of criticism for that comment. Don't get me wrong, I'm head over heals for Batman and the new Joker, but Iron Man rocked that much.

What a great story, the whole weapons thing. My brother was in Iraq for 2 tours and said the terrorists are using Russian made rockets from the Vietnam era. Taliban in Afghanistan are using weapons we gave them in the 80's during their conflict with the USSR.

I don't think the movie was playing to the politics, but it certainly made me think.