Hillsong London "Hail to the King" Review

Today, Hillsong London released their new album - Hail to the King. The first thing I noticed when I pushed play is that it is not live. When it comes to Hillsong anything, their best stuff is definitely live albums. The power in the worship of the people is the great unseen force on any live worship album. I definitely missed that in this new studio release, but the quality of their musicality and vocals really shines inspite.
The first track, "Now" is an opener that doesn't dissapoint. It's a call for a generation to rise and shine the light of Christ now. The music is infectious, with a great drive, as they sing "Let your voice be heard..."
The next track, "Hail to the King" is a song that has grown on me. It's kind of a throw-back sound to the early 90's. It's very singable and has a great feel to it. The verse and chorus are strong, but I felt that the bridge was average, and the instrumental was possibly a mistake. As the title track, it came off a little weak in the song-writing category.
There were three tracks that grabbed me. The first song that grabbed me was "You Brought Me Home". This is the "coldplay track" of the CD. It's a beautiful ballad with some haunting vocals. The second song that grabbed me was "You are Here (The Same Power)". I believe this is the all around best song on the CD. It's definitely your typical Hillsong tune that fills the place with worship. The first line of the chorus says, "In this place, You are here, By Your mercy, I draw near." Great lyrics with a moving melody.

Here's a video of them doing it live:

The track that moved me the most was "I Receive". To me, this is the greatest contribution to the church off of this album. It is the most accessible song, regarding style and singability. The message of the song is something that you don't hear a lot in worship music. The chorus repeats the line, "I receive Your love", and ends with the words, "I'm accepted". One big, big problem that I see with people in the church is that they don't accept God's grace and mercy in their life. We have to learn to receive God's love and forgiveness, and accept the fact that we are accepted by Him just the way we are.
Overall, you won't be dissapointed in this project, especially as it plays out. It's one of those rare albums that gets better with each track, and it has some very doable songs for your local church.

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