First Trip to the Gym

I had my orientation tonight with the Exercise Specialist. Here's the first part of our conversation:

Why are you here?

Me: I want to get in shape.

Trainer: In what way?

Me: Well, I've done my share of cardio, so I'd really like to get into weight training. I've never done any weight training.

Yeah, I can tell.

At least he was straight with me. Only direction is up.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the gun show my friend!

My work out instructor wanted me to wear leopard print spandex and sweat to the oldies on my first session so think how I feel...

Well, what do you expect from Richard Simmons though?

-Billy said...

well if you try hard enough you may look as good as i dont but i can promise anything

Anonymous said...

you're going to be SSSSOOOOO sore!! haha