Christian Chick Flick

Our small group went to go see the movie, "Fireproof" tonight. This is a Christian film by the "Facing the Giants" guys, so I definitely tried to check my critic's hat at the door. This was a film for Christians. It definitely had the Christianese going on, so I would be careful in choosing which unchurched friends and family I would take. The low point of the Christian culture invasion was the abrupt Chikfila meal into a serious scene. My critic's hat couldn't stay off for that one. Again, I did not go in expecting these guys to pull of a monumental film. I looked past the acting and production to the story. It's a lot like songwriting. A good critic can look past production value to identify a good song, so when you record a song, you want it to be the best production possible, so you can eliminate that distraction for the listeners. I think these guys did the best they could on a $500,000 budget. Kirk Cameron actually surprised me. He stood out as a man among boys when it came to the acting. Again, he was surrounded by some bad actors, so it was probably a challenge for him to keep his game up.
Let me state the positives. The story line was good, with exception to some weak points in the script. These guys definitely have a gift to invision a solid story. Jesus was proclaimed, in a very churchy way, but He was proclaimed, none the less. I liked the fact that they pointed out that we can't base our marriage's future on a feeling, but on a commitment. They showed that husbands and wives grow closer to each other by growing closer to God together. The most positive thing I could say is that I left the theater wanting to be a better husband, so that's reason enough to see it.
The other stand out factor of this movie experience was all the women in the theater crying. There was a lot of tearful moments, but it ended with a very "chick flick ending". If you see it, you'll know what I'm talking about. This was definitely a Christian chick flick. If you're married, I would recommend this movie. It will inspire you to look at your marriage and want to make it the best it can be. I opened the car door for my wife in the parking lot, and I should do that more often.

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Crystal G said...

Daniel took me to see the movie tonight. Overall I thought it was really good.

Also I was one of those crying Christian Chicks.