16 things about moi

I got tagged by my friend, Rich, so now I am continuing this process.
  1. I am 6'3.
  2. I met my wife while we were both working at Subway...long before there was Jared.
  3. I've lived in Illinois (twice), Kansas, California, Missouri, Georgia, and Florida (twice).
  4. I've been a Boston Celtic fan since the early 80's...no band wagon here.
  5. One of my wishes is to see the Killers in concert before I die.
  6. I never finished college.
  7. Lost 20 pounds in 2006 by jogging and eating right for 3 months.
  8. Mowing my lawn is therapeutic for me.
  9. I have a phobia of flying on a plane with a baby. (one of mine)
  10. I'm addicted to diet sodas.
  11. I think the Andy Griffith show is brilliant, even though I don't like the south or small towns.
  12. The only way I like to study the Bible is front to back.
  13. I have never learned how to play bar chords on the guitar. That is a goal.
  14. I was afraid of marriage, so my wife and I didn't talk about marriage while we dated (3 years) until the day I proposed. That was a long conversation.
  15. I'm good at video production and graphic design. I used to shoot videos with the old VHS camcorder and spend hours drawing and sketching in my room, before I could drive.
  16. One of my favorite sounds is hearing a crowd of untrained singers praising God. It's a beautiful sound.

Now, I shall tag: Richard Durbin, Mikey Edde, Matt Wiser, Bill Stanley, and Warren East.

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-Billy said...

i didnt know you lived in caly. this thing worked, something i didnt know about you. i will have to bring this up at my next all about gary meeting.