Worship Confessional 09.14.08

Great day today.

Set list:
"I Will Boast" - Paul Baloche
"Healer" - Michael Guglielmucci
"Hosanna" - Hillsong
"Your Name" - Paul Baloche

We introduced "Hosanna". This video is a little safer than last week's, because my wife was driving. Enjoy:

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlists.


Michael J Mahoney said...

I really like that version of Hosanna. We do it from time to time. One of our girls does a pretty fair Brook Fraser. We still (to me) struggle with that drop off after the bridge into the chorus. Always sounds awkward.

Matt W. said...

You know, It's funny, while I was getting the stuff into the crock pot this morning for Small Group tonight, I was listening to Phillips Craig and Dean's album "Top Of My Lungs" which has been in the stereo in the living room, just about forever, and both "I Will Boast" and "Your Name" are on that, and then we get to Church and sing both of them. That was kinda cool, they are awesome songs.

-Billy said...

man i love these thing i told everyonr your doing them so they can watch. also i love the beard

Matt MacDonald said...

how did your people do with "healer"?

how do you factor in the story of the song when deciding to lead it?