Worship Confessional 09.21.08

This morning, I had our youth pastor, Warren East, lead worship. Tonight, we are having Night of Worship, and I decided to save my voice. I haven't done so well vocally in the past when I tried doing both morning and night. So, I really enjoyed the rest and just being a part of the crowd of worshipers. Our focus was the sovereignty of God this morning. Here was the set list:

-"Victory Shout"-Warren East
-"Center"-Charlie Hall
-"Mighty to Save"-Hillsong
-"Whole World in His Hands"-Tim Hughes

Sorry, no video today. I'll be blogging about our night probably late tonight.

This also a contribution Sunday Setlist.


Michael J Mahoney said...

Victory Shout. Love that one!

Anonymous said...

i'd love to see your night of worship set list

Anonymous said...

I love Mighty Save. Great premise to your morning "the Sovereignty of God". Hope the evening went well for the church.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Victory Shout, but it sounds like something I ought to check out!

Hope the Night of Worship went well!