talkin' bout my generation

I love living in this time and generation. Sometimes I feel I was born too early. I think I could totally jive with this generation, obviously, because I just said "jive". I love creativity and people who aren't afraid to express their creativity. These were just my thoughts when I watched this video. I know it's not a major production with effects and glitz and glam, but it's creative. It put a smile on my face...oh, and I'm a huge Beatles junkie as well.


The East said...

I think the best part of this is that this is what this generation does with free time. Oh the possibilities. I have got to get internet at my house. Check out my new blog and comment it.

Crystal G said...

Man that was way cool. =)

Anonymous said...

Huge Beatles junkie? NOW we're talkin'! I saw McCartney in '02, and my seat was so far away that I stretched out my hand and he fit inside my thumbnail. Still, I was in a room with Beatle Paul.

Every generation takes it's turn, and now several of my daughters are in Indie bands. Some of it just rings foreign in my ears, and some of it I like.