Night of Worship - Timeless

Wow...wow, what an amazing night. Last night we had a Night of Worship called "Timeless". We worshiped with hymns that have been the church for generations and some new songs that I believe will carry on as well. Of course, there are so many songs that would fit in this category, and there's no way to do them in one night, so I really prayed about this one. I prayed for just the right songs for this particular night, and God delivered. I think I can say that it was just a perfect night, and we worshiped a perfect God. We had two big sets with a break in the middle. In the mid-point of the night we had our good friend Mike Schirle speak on "The Timelessness of God", which was just what we needed at that point. CLICK HERE to watch that sermon.

Here was the set list:

"Blessed Assurance"-hymn
"Glorious Day"-(Todd Agnew version of the hymn "One Day")
"In Christ Alone"-Gettys
"The Solid Rock"-hymn
"Amazing Grace (My Chains)-Tomlin version
"When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"-Kathryn Scott

Speaker-Mike Schirle

"Everlasting God"-Brenton Brown
"How Great Thou Art"-hymn
"How Great is our God"-Tomlin
"It is Well with my Soul"-hymn
"I Could Sing of Your Love Forever"-Delirious

As you can see, the first part was a very thick set on the doctrine of Christ. This proved to be incredibly powerful and moving, and it ended with "When I Survey". If you haven't heard this version of it, you must check it out. Actually, Tim Hughes is recording it on his upcoming live album. The second part was on the grandeur of God, which followed the talk on the timelessness of God.
What 's so cool about all of this is that, I didn't intentionally plan all of this. It fell together as I prayed for God's leading. It was like painting a picture with Someone else guiding my hand as I closed my eyes. When it was finished, I opened my eyes and looked at the painting, and it was perfect. That's how I feel about this set list, and may all my set lists follow this same pattern.

This is also a part of Sunday Setlists.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time in the Lord last night. The Solid Rock is a favorite. Scott's The Wonderful Cross is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Matt W. said...

Night of Worship is always great, but last night was Awesome! This really did fall together perfectly.

Jake Gehret said...

all fantastic songs; the richness of Who Christ is could be sung about for the rest of eternity and never get old.

Vern ~ Inspired said...

I love your selection of songs and the theme of the evening.
What a great message on the Timelessness of God and a great reminder that time has no affect on our Lord!

Anonymous said...

Glad it went well for you guys!!! Great choice of songs.