Marriage Retreat Day 2

Today was the 2nd and final day of our Marriage Retreat. The only down part that we were worried about was Jade being with us. Turns out Jade is amazing. She sat pretty quietly through the first session, and basically slept through 2-4 sessions. The sessions were an hour long each, so she's amazing. Maybe she deserves a doll from WalMart. We'll see.
Today was great. The speakers of the conference was the husband and wife duo, Gary and Barb Rosberg. They had a lot of amazing things to share with us about their journey and how we can have full, Christ-centered marriage. The concept of marriage has been so secularized in our world. They reminded us that God gave us the gift of marriage, and it can't reach it's full potential without Christ as the center. On my survey card, I put that I have recommitted my marriage to God. I am so fortunate to have my wife. She has and continues to make me better. I don't deserve her. We have grown so much in the last several years, and I can say that communication has been a huge factor. It seems that so many marriages are breaking up and in trouble, because couples just don't talk to each other. I pray that we continue on that path. They reminded us today that our marriage is under attack, and all marriages for that matter.

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