Make it Stop

I am over the election...that's right. I got one to many forwards regarding the inadequacies of this candidate or that. I genuinely thought I was going to actually get into this election this year, but I am weary of the school yard antics of everybody involved. The news anchors of FOX, MSNBC, and CNN are all way more angry and annoying, which is an amazing feat. What I've noticed is if I watch too much of it, I get sucked into the feud, as if any of the candidates actually care for me or family. I guess you could say I have trust issues with politics.

But...I will watch the debates, because I do genuinely care. I will be very relieved when this whole process is over. I will support whoever is elected, even if I don't agree with everything he does. And, I will definitely vote. There's a lot of people, mostly conservative, that are trying to decide whether they will actually vote this time. I am tempted to go that route, but I view voting as an American right and privilege that people actually died for. I would hate to not take advantage of that. Plus, the more that Christians pull out of things, because we don't agree, the less we impact our world for Christ.

It's a groundbreaking time in our country's history. We will have either the first african-american or woman in the White House. That is something to celebrate, with all of the prejudice that our nation has seen and still sees today.

So, my question is: How much do you think the debates will affect people's decision? Are people still on the fence, or is their decision set in stone before or after the conventions?

Your thoughts...

disclaimer: There's a lot of "I's" in this post, which means these are my thoughts. Please don't take this as a sermon on how you should feel.


Matt W. said...

Ok, as I see it, there are still a halfway decent number of undecided voters, and certainly they will be swayed by one thing or another, could be the debates or it could be something else. I will also watch the debates, but I have already made my decision, not because of party, but because I've done my homework and already know where they each stand on the issues.

What I think is sad is the fact that most people only pay attention to the Presidential election, not even knowing anything about the people running for Congress, or State and Local offices. Some of these races will impact us even more than the Presidential race.

One question, I'm not entirely sure what you meant about supporting the winner, if you were talking about respecting the office and the authority that comes with it, and praying for them in a Biblically based manner, then I agree, me too. If you meant that you will support whatever they try to do, then no, I'll speak out about those things on an issue by issue basis, just as I do now.

I agree that voting is a right, but more than that, it's a duty, which I take very seriously, as you said, people have died to protect that right. Included in that duty, as far as I'm concerned, is doing your homework and learning all you can about the issues and about where candidates, on all levels, stand on those issues, so that we make informed decisions. Personally, I think that voting blind (not actually really knowing why you're voting a certain way, or not voting based on issues or Character) is an even bigger dereliction of duty than is not voting at all.

Gary Durbin said...

yeah, I totally mean respecting the office. I got real turned off as a young Christian teen watching my pastor use his pulpit as a time of degrading and bashing Clinton. I just didn't feel it was right as a teen, and now I know it wasn't right and why. Hey, is my post longer than your comment? I'll have to count words. This could be monumental. Thanks for the comment, as always.

Anonymous said...

As for your question, I think both candidates and the media have polarized the public so much that there aren't many undecided left.

I feel very frustrated sometimes talking politics with people because now I'm not sure if the people I'm speaking with are passionate about politics, or if they are passionate about the daily-real-life soap opera the news media tries to create. Sometimes I want to open their eyes and say "It is not American Idol, it is our country. Show some respect."

I enjoyed your post and agree 100% that as the body of Christ we should stand behind whatever candidate takes office.