This weekend I showed my friend Matt the movie "The Princess Bride". He had never seen it, and I explained to him that it's a classic and he must watch it.

So, I'd love to hear what everybody's top 3-5 movies are.

Here's mine (no order):
"The Last Castle"
"The Truman Show"
"Planet of the Apes"(the original)

What's yours?


Bill Stanley said...

Remember the Titans
6th Sense

Seriously there are at least 10 other movies that could make my top 5. It is hard to pick just five. Like there are a few Al Pacino movies, a couple more Denzel movies, and lets not forget Rocky and Rambo.

Anonymous said...

Right off the top of my head, without thinking too hard about it:

Princess Bride
Finding Neverland
Monsters, Inc.
The Fifth Element

Ask me next week, it will be different...

Matt W. said...

Wow, making it just five is tough, and would probably change from day to day, but for today...

We Were Soldiers
The Searchers
The Shootist
I, Robot

And about yours, I just saw the remake of "Planet of the Apes" for the first time the other day, and yeah, the special effects were better and what not, but the original had a much stronger story, and was just done so much better.

Anonymous said...

All right, but this makes me feel old...

Tin Men
American Graffiti
Three Days of the Condor
A Hard Day's Night
Young Frankenstein

Crystal G said...


1) Age of Innocents
2)Streetcar Named Desire
4)Monster's Inc
5)Hard Days Night

Anonymous said...


Lost In Translation
Star Wars (IV V VI of course)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

and I would have to put The Truman Show up pretty high too. I think the last 15 mins are essentially perfect. The music, the pacing, the visuals. It gets me choked up every time.