Worship Confessional 08.31.08

This was our last week of our series on the Fruit of the Spirit. We had a great time of worship. We just lifted up who God is. We focused a lot on the holiness of God. We did the song "Everything" by Tim Hughes. That song is simply amazing. It's very simple, yet very powerful. It's even a little high in range, but it's one of those songs where range doesn't matter to them. They just belt it out. I also pulled out an oldie from Vineyard's Hungry album, called "You are a Holy God". I really love that song. It makes me think of heaven and worship in eternity. I encouraged our people to join the angels in worship singing holy to our God.

Here's the set list:

"Holy Reign" - mine
"Everything" - Tim Hughes
"You are a Holy God" - Vineyard Hungry album
"Holy" - Brenton Brown

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlist.


Anonymous said...

I am excited to see that I don't know any of the songs on your setlist (at least, if I do I don't know it!) :) It's seriously nice to know there are new songs to worship God through that I need to check out - definitely a good thing! :) Thanks for sharing your setlist! :)

Perky Gramma Teaches said...

You should figure out a way to post a video of your original
song(s) being played during worship.
I'd love to hear it.

Courtney Feia said...

Nice set Gary. "Everything" is a winner with our crowd too.

Anonymous said...

totally with you on Tim Hughes' song "Everything". Haven't played it in our set yet, but it woudl make a great addition. Thanks mate.

Ben said...

Hey! I second what dorothy said. I'd love to hear some original tunes! Thanks for dropping a comment on my site Gary...You have become a regular stop on my fellow worship leads blogroll. Love your site here! Later,

Paul J. said...

Can't go wrong revisiting the "Hungry" project...one of the best ever.

Courtney Feia said...

Hey man I'm listening to the samples of your tunage right now on itunes ;) It may seem like a funny complement but your stuff is totally "not lame"! Well done seriously. Good stuff.

[And ya - to answer your question things are pretty crazy around the cities for the convention, not alot of talk about it all, but alot of action downtown St Paul]