Worship Confessional 08.10.08

Today was one of those days that I love. My favorite days to lead worship is when I walk into the worship center and sense what I call a buzz. It's hard to explain or describe. It's some unseen, unheard quality in the air, and I can actually sense that the people or ready to worship. I call it "the buzz". I walked in and immediately felt that today. From the first note to the last, the people engaged, and I just walked off feeling so grateful, yet unworthy to lead these people every week. Here was our set list:

"Our Love is Loud" - David Crowder Band
"If I Have Not Love" - Matt Redman
"The Least I Can Do" - Mark Roach
"Alleluia (Our Praise Is) - mine

If you haven't tried "If I Have Not Love" by Redman yet, it's an amazing song for corporate worship. It's really easy and very congregational friendly, and yet it's very powerful, because it's a scripture song. Our crowd has grabbed it from the first time we did it.

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlists.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being a part of Sunday Setlists - always enjoy your contributions!

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Ben said...

I know that "buzz". We had it today too. It's an awesome feeling. Great setlist!

Anonymous said...

Our Love Is Loud...nice! I've never done that one in church before. Great choice.

Steve - ShapingWorship.com said...

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