Worship Confessional 08.03.08

Today was incredible. We started off the morning by finding electrical problems in our sound booth. There was a total of 3 outlets out, so I grabbed a power stripped and began consolidating everything together. Long story short, everything worked great. We're just praying that we get to the bottom of our on going electrical problem this week.
After that, I began getting ready personally, and going through the set list one final time in my head and heart. I couldn't get past the last song in our set. It just didn't feel right, and God basically told me to change it up. I ended up replacing it with the Newsboys, "He Reigns", which is a big one at our church.
It was one of those worship sets that just never came down. We worshiped for about 20-25 minutes, and God's presence was really heavy in the room. By the time we got to "He Reigns", we had already gone pretty deep in our worship. So, when we started the intro, the place immediately got into it with a clap, and they were singing the verses loud, which those verses are not the most congregational friendly, comparatively speaking. Basically, the discontentment I felt that led to putting that song in last minute, was the Holy Spirit leading us to that moment.

Here was the set list:

"You are My Friend"-mine
"Mighty to Save"-Hillsong
"God of Justice"-Tim Hughes
"He Reigns"-Newsboys

Also, I had a cool treat by meeting a fellow worship leader, Eddie Mann, from way up in Pennsylvania. We had connected previously on Songdiscovery Community. He was down for vacation. I really enjoyed it, because it's rare that we can meet face to face, when we all have our own busy world's going on.

This is also a contribution to Sunday Setlists.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being a part of sunday setlists and spreading the word.

I'm curious, if you're open to sharing ... what was the original "last song"?

Gary Durbin said...


The last song was "You are so Good to Me", the Third Day version. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Nice set! Amazing what happens when we follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Not just in worship time, but in our everyday lives as well. Thanks for posting this.